House of Morningstar Gaming Community
Established June 23rd, 2015
Elder Scrolls Online, PS4 North American Server
18+ with a mic

Guild Finder:
Go to Social, then
Guilds, go all the way down to
Guild Finder, 
Social, Group PVE for primary and secondary forcus, search parameters, AD for alliance, hit triangle, activities, select all, playstyle hardcore, find House of Morningstar, apply. 

For Direct invite, PS4 Message ps4 gamertags Deythal or IrishAssassin986

Please take the time to THOUROUGLY review our About Us, Creed, and House Law pages MINIMUM found in the Main Menu to the left BEFORE applying. This is important information, and the kind of stuff that if you don't understand, and then fail at, gets you kicked. ESPECIALLY the House Creed. The Recruitment page will tell you more about what we offer in HOM. Review Ranks and Roles, and when submitting your App, please remember to fill in your requested Rank.