House of Morningstar was designed to serve both members of Morningstar, and gamers, period, across the board.

Please bear in mind that though we are not averse to assisting with out of House requests, in House needs do take priority.

If you are NOT a part of a House of Morningstar game guild, and would like assistance from the House, you may request said assistance by clicking the red text below, which will connect you to our Forums, where your request will be permanently logged into the House until an Admin answers your request, and manually removes it once completed or addressed.

Click New Post, type in your system, server, and contact tag in the subject line, describe your inquiry in the message box, verify that you are not a bot, and hit submit. Your inquiry will process on our end, and be added to the New Forum Posts section of our Home Page here once processed. As soon as we are able, we will respond, both directly in the Forum Reply itself, and by the means you desire as long as you have provided a preferred contact method (example PS4 message x gamertag).

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You are welcome to join us. Know this before you do, we are not playing about the things you find here in this website. You will be expected to maintain our purpose and standards of service, united together with our vision, ethical Creed, and honor and actions. H.O.M. is bound to SERVE and PROTECT, and your gameplay, experience, expertise, game currencies, etc, will not save you from yourself. 

Yes, it is a gaming community, but the people are real, and that is serious. We will NOT change this to be more to anyone's liking. HOM was created to be what it is, it was not created to be a fit for everyone.