Setting up your account here on the website can, for some, be a confusing task. 

First, you'll need to have submitted your Official Application to Morningstar, and your application will have to be approved by an Admin. 

Once you complete this step, you should have a login and an account here in Morningstar created. 

If you login but you cannot use features on the website, it probably means there's a problem on the web admin side because an Admin forgot to set your account permissions up, which is a very simple fix. Contact Dove. 

If this is not the case, then there are a few things to cover to get your account working optimally for you.

1. Make sure your Display Name (the name shown at the top right corner of Morningstar's website next to the little white head) is the same, with the same typing and case as your PS4 gamertag. If this is NOT the case, click on the little white person, select Edit Profile, and scroll down to Display Name. You can now change it to your PS4 tag. 

2, Edit Profile Information
Here you can add an Avatar, Profile Header Image of your own (instead of banner looking thing above your profile pic), Social Networking profile URLs that link to your twitter, twich, facebook profile, etc. change your password Display Name or email address, create a Forum Signature (a message that will be displayed any time you post or reply to a forum, like a calling card or signature), and add your birthday so it shows in our calendar.

3. Adding your ESO Characters to the member roster, DKP system, Tournament System, Rapid Raid and other features that use your character information to operate. 
For this, again, go into your profile, and find Games with a little picture of a controller. You should see Elder Scrolls Online listed here. Underneath that is underlined white text that says Add Character. Click this text, and you can start adding your characters into the system, with their in game character names, levels, factions, races, classes, etc. 

4. Editing your characters and your individual character blogs
If you would like to update your characters, at any time, you can now go into Games, again, and you should see the Elder Scrolls Online box. If you click this box with the ESO background, it will take you into a "character card" area with each of your characters in their own little box. Click on any character that you wish to update, and you now have the option to edit their information. 

If you click on your character you can add their in game picture (you can obtain one easily by taking a screenshot on your PS4. Next, send your screenshot to a friend via PS4 message. This is the easiest way I know of. If you have PS4 message app on your phone, you can now go into that app on your phone, dowpcnload the picture to the device, and upload the picture into your character card from there. 

If you click Guild Specific Info, you now have a box to add your roles, listed on our roles page, for that character only (the specific things that that character can do) per character from there. In this same page there are other specific things you can fill in about your character if you wish, including bio, backstory, trade skills, character skills, etc. 

If you click crafting, you can add SPECIFIC items you are able to craft. (Example) Psijiic Ambrosia, Nirnhoned Daggers, etc. 

You'll also see Blog as an option. Guess what. This is PER character not per account. So you can have a different blog featuring whatever you want about each specific character, separately if you wish. 

Rapid Raid shows each specific character's Raid, DKP, Leaderboard and Tournament Stats. 

5. Your account blog

This is different than your character blogs. Your character blogs are for your in game characters, what they're doing, the story of some great feat you accomplished on them, roleplaying type content, whatever you wish related to each character. 

Your account blog is about YOU, as a person, as a Morningstar member, as a gamer, etc. 

6. Awards.
You know how you get PS4 trophies?
And in your games they have their own in game Achievments or trophies?
And how Morningstar itself has Awards and Trophies such as Defiler, Singularity, and other House Trophies?
Well, gamerlaunch itself has throphies too. This is where you'll see the ones you have obtained through gamerlaunch. 

7. Using the Forums
Morningstar Forums were created for a reason. In the game, if you type "need fungal grotto 2 vet" in guild chat, no guild member will see that if they logged in AFTER you said it. In addition, say they were in a dungeon with another team and weren't paying attention. They're in 5 guilds, and they simply didnt see it and by the time they even glanced at guild chat, 4 guilds worth of members talking for 10 minutes plus zone text chatter scrolled your message out so far it doesn't exist for them anymore. There are a LOT of reasons your gameplay needs, requests, ideas, wants, questions, and input can be missed in text chat in the game. Voice chat isn't effective because those in group voice, party chats on PS4 with friends playing other games, and who don't have a headset or a mic may not actually be around to hear you tallk. 

Morningstar Forums were created to give you a place to put your voice in in any way you need, from I need x gear crafter to can someone get me that cat banker from the crown store to i looked at my dungeon trophies list and I'm missing Veteran x y z, can you Dungeoneers put a team together form me to smash that out when you get a chance?

Maybe you'd like a feature on the website to be added, like how we didn't have a direct connect button to Discord, or how we didn't have it set up for other things you can do now. 

There can be a lot of communication going on at once in Morningstar, and that is good, but because of that there is also a lot of opportunity in normal guilds to slip through the cracks, get forgotten or not be heard. Here, we built a central core that can literally hold and carry ALL you have to say and ALL you ask for, for ALL members at once, until YOU decide it doesn't matter anymore or its already done so remove it. 

This means that if you get pushed aside, ignored, forgotten or lost in the mix, and you were USING Morningstar's design properly, that is on the House and the Community, NOT on your. 

8. Galleries 
For now, we don't have this feature available, as Morningstar does not have unlimted space for file storage under our current site plan, however, if we bring this feature back, you may request gallery additions in the website suggestions forum.

9. Adding your own events 
If you click on the Calendar link in the Main Menu, you will go into the more detailed view of the calendar. There is a button to Add your own custom created events and to browse other member's planned events and find out when, where, how, and why to show up.

10. Hook Ins page gives you access to Facebook Group, Community in the PS4 system, Discord, and the Guildhalls in game. Guildhalls are also listed in the Member Notes next to a PS4 Tag in the Guild Roster. This is how to connect with the other shiney stuff we have to keep this community ACTUALLY together. 

There are, of course, other featurse of the House such as the Gauntlet, Baptisms, KoS Bounty system, etc. They are for the MOST part explained in their respective pages, and if you'd like more information on how something works, you are of course free to ask. 

We have given and built for you here, EVERY tool, opportunity, reason, capability and shiney toy you could want to make Morningstar all that she can be, all that you want from here, all that she was meant to be and whatever you want to grow her into. If we're missing something you want, tell us. Therefore, no, there is no excuse for NOT getting everything you want, hope for and dream of out of Morningstar itself, unless of course the things we have given you are not being operated correctly, or at all. 

Can you stay on top of it all? We sure as hell hope not, she wasn't meant to fit in a box!
Is it all at your disposal, to shape, use, exploit, work and operate to the maximum capacity and capability you can get out of it?
Of course it is.