HOUSE OF MORNINGSTAR was created, first and foremost, to prove that righteous living, righteous gaming, loyalty, family and unity can maintain high performance, high efficiency, professionally run, stuctured gameplay, and be a life-changing, game-changing, and world-changing experience while we do it. This is the reason she was created, and the point of what we do. 

She is meant to become a full phase community, multi-platform multi-game.

Morningstar has 5 tiers of operation.

Tier 1 - The game is only the first tier. Game mastery hand in hand with core values, Creed and the soul of the House must be maintained. This is the creation of what we call *anti-venom, a equal and opposing force to the poison the mindset and way of the world around us. 

Tier 2 is Divisions, where we duplicate her and drop her into other games and platforms. This is where we induce this anti-venom to spread in the same manner as its opponent, like a digital virus packaged with the anti-toxin to the world's poison.

Tier 3 is game development, where we as a community, instead of a corporation, develop game content from a place where we have been launched from within the games, been beside you the whole time, and continue to play beside you while we develop. Through all of this, we carry a name, a standard and a vision. (Think Alien movie + antivenom concept = predator of toxicity)

Tier 4 is where we challenge gaming, and the world, to match the standards we've lived and exemplified, and create accountability for gamers, developers and the people as a whole. 

Tier 5 has its roots in our name, which references Revelations 22:16, "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star." This is NOT about religion, as our members range a variety of backgrounds, but a standard of behavior which we carry every step of our journey. It means ceating a non-toxic environment, acceptance instead of judgement of people, and living to a higher standard while we accomplish our goals. Every member that assists in building the House into what it will become will recieve an equal cut of any financial profits we have occur, because we will not be based on greed but service. No matter our background we can all probably say that we are tired of the toxicity in gaming, of the greed of corporations micro-transactioning us to death, of players taking advantage of players, of cheating to win being a widespread infection, of game community leaders ruling their guilds clans and communities for power, of players degrading players for ego instead of teaching others. Living by these values will make gaming better, period, and maybe we can teach the world something while we do it.