1. - Shout Box timing is setting as 2 hours ago the moment that a shout is entered. Get with Gamerlaunch to work this out.
  2. Recover Returning accounts.
  3. Upon GUILD APP SUBMISSION, go to WEB ADMIN, PERMISSIONS, PERMISSION GROUPS, MODIFY MEMBERS, find their GAMERTAG in the left colum, click it, click >> to add to a group, click << to remove permissions, add them to GUILDMEMBER. If GMs in training or GM, add to Guildmasters. Upper Council should be added under Guildmaster. If you are accepting an Application to Morningstar, you need to ADD them under this to their designated Permission Group at the same time you accept the application!
  4. Have Dove's private web designer build a Morningstar Custom Chat Platform. If he hesitates, send entire House to him to tell him he loves Dove. If the answer is still no, have Dove crawl up M.s ass.