Tired of Toxic? Welcome to the Anti-Venom



House of Morningstar Gaming Community
PS4 NA Server ONLY
Born: June 25th, 2015 in Lansing, MI.
Bred in Pennsylvania
Built for service, integrity, standards, performance and quality over quantity.





Group PVE 


Veteran Dungeons


Vet Trials progression

Overland Runs (World Boss, Skyshard, Lorebook, Delve, Public Dungeon, DLC Overland)



Dueling (Tournament Arena to come)



Events (Standard game and custom House events)


Plus custom House built content, detailed below. 


Visit us on the web at:

You are welcome to dig around this website at your leisure, over time, and get to know more about us. Everything has a purpose here, from the two white wings on her plate to the fact that the Apply button us practically, but not totally, hidden.


Built with a $5000.00 core to combine both common, standard in game guild and game play features with custom, House built features and systems.


Get the whole buffet, and redefine what is possible.


Built on a code of honor, Morningstar is not what you think. She is an idea, a vision, a standard, and a lifestyle that one is, not a guild one is in.

Co-Creators and GM's are on call and at every member's service 24/7/365 excluding legitimate real life reasons, because here you earn your crown, and toxic GMs can be overthrown and removed. Power will not be abused in Morningstar.


We do not take just anyone, and do not accept all applicants. She is designed for quality above gold and mass of membership slots. This is a 2 way street. Your quality as a person is a factor, just as our quality as a community is required of us. Therefore, trolls, scammers, etc stow it at the door. 


You must be active, social, serious, dedicated, non-toxic (however, we can be quite venomous to toxic), community oriented, non-judgemental, helpful, driven, and service oriented, with loyalty, honor, maturity, integrity, trust, commitment, responsibility, duty, humility, tenacity, and a sense of humor. If you are carrying a stick up your ass, we'll remove it. Please review The Morningstar Creed. We're not kidding about this, as the ethical relationship of those within the House is of far more value than game gold, roster slots, "being liked", etc. 


Seeking like-minded individuals who are on board with "born for service, born for greatness" mentality. 


No dues or fees. Morningstar is entirely voluntary donation based. We only ask that you be active within Morningstar, ask for help when you need it, help where you can, and care about being a real part of making this place great. Rules are simple, be a part of the community, not just in it, and treat each other with dignity and respect.


Full blown website and Discord run, built to handle everything Morningstar and full featured with everything you need to operate efficiently.


Forums on our website allow you to never get lost in the mix, and access everything about Morningstar in one place, from ESO Guild and game content in all forms (never have your requests bumped out or lost in a mess of scrolling posts and text again) to community intricacies and detalis to PayPal for community and game support to the ability to expand multi-game and platform, and even handle game development if we get that far.


Discord is being reworked to also include the important details about the House. 



Website Features:
* Personal members profiles where you can add avatars, profile headers, connect facebook, steam, twitch live stream feed in, youtube, instagram, twitter, reddit forum signatures, and more.
* Add your characters, character photos, name race class level faction details, Guild Roles, trade skills, crafting skills, character skills, and character bios per character.
* Personal members blogs
* Separate Forums to add everything you need in game play. Need Vets? List them in Dungeoneers. Planning an event and want feedback? Calendar forums. Trials? Got that... Character builds help? that too...Every game play need and want, and your requests can be seen by everyone in House, online or off. You won't scroll out of text chat, won't be unheard by that group in the dungeon next to you, won't be missed by the guy who logged on 3 minutes after you asked... Stop slipping through the cracks, and focus the content you WANT.
* Add your own events like lorebook runs, skyshard hunts, Cryodill war runs, etc right along side the House hosted optional events in Morningstar's calendar.


Rewards Points Custom House Currency System
* Custom built, apart from gold, House currency system. Earn Rewards Points for new recruits, each normal, vet, trial, or vet trial completed with members, (RP amt scales with difficulty), gear crafting to help a member, Cyrodill claims, leading skyshards lorebooks world boss dolmen groups, skyreach, any item donation from a stack of foul hides to attunables and everything in between (again, scaling RP value) and even your voluntary, never required gold donations. Everything you do here, whether it be item donation of any kind, gold donation, assisting a fellow member in any way or in any other form contributing to the House overall, earns you Reward Points.
* Spend your Reward Points on any item in our 7 House Guild Bank Vaults, (3,500 inventory slots combined), linked through our Android Apple IOS PC compatible free, down-loadable App. Know when that motif drops for your purchase with RP, even if you're offline. Database is arranged by item type, search-able, filterable, and updates in real time.
* Know your donations are locked up, secured, provided fairly, and not wasted or able to be robbed. We value, respect and protect your contributions.
* No unfair raffles, where that imperial you've wanted goes to the guy who won't help you with that dungeon even after you spent 2 days getting him leveled.
* Item not found? Does the House not have one on hand currently? That's fine. We'll track it down off the server, obtain it with House Gold, and still provide it to you for the RP.


Other Features:
* House Spotify and Drunken Spotify (Bar Night) on Friday nights. Custom playlist that is lyrically based and relevant to the House itself, it's culture, history and personality. Yep, we have a fucking soundtrack, because, well, why not?
* Game content and real life support (understand that out of game support that is financial in nature must be proven before given, and is reserved for non-game related EMERGENCY purposes only.)
* Morningstar Traders are free access to all Morningstar members. Donations, dues, fees, etc are not required to access.
* Tri-Faction PVP capability
*7 Guildhalls in development
Main Meeting Hall
Crafting Hall
Merchants Consortium Auction House
General's Barracks PVP Hall
Dungeoneer's Hall
Morningstar Mara Chapel (Server Open)
Morningstar Arena (Dueling Tournament Hall) (Server Open)
* Custom House Trophies with RP rewards
You know those trophies PlayStation gives you for accomplishing something? And those in game Achievements you get in your in game Journal for the same? We have custom, House exlcusive one's as well, that come with RP points payments.
* Chat rooms, shout, suggestion box, member created polls, and more...
* Optional House Traditions
* Paid KoS (Kill on Sight) Bounty System
* The right to choose your rank. See Ranks and Roles page at houseofmorningstar.gamerlaunch.com Ranks are designed to designate service specialists of game play aspects that are REQUIRED to assist you if capable, instead of power positions to lord over you. Citizen is our normal, typical gamer and guild member. Outside of Citizen, you are considered an Officer of Content, a “go to guy”. It is a responsibility, not a picture and a word by your name to make you feel special.
*DPS Training Dummies
* Mundus Stones
* Master Crafters and Grand Master Crafters available for free crafting services.
* Vampire and Werewolf bites available free.



Hook In and Connect With Us:
Website – houseofmorningstar.gamerlaunch.com
Discord – ckHnbjv
Twitter @HOM_Tweet
Twitch capable
Facebook Group – House of Morningstar Gaming Community (Public Group)
Community Page – House of Morningstar Gaming Community
In Game Voice Chat



Required of you:
* 18+
* Must have a mic.
* You have read, understand, and agree to abide by the behavior patterns outlined within the Morningstar Creed. Your personality matters here.
* Active, and interactive. If you are going to be here you need to be present. If you are simply an online green head that is not actually here, there is no reason for you to be here.
* New, vet, experienced, learning, 2 hours a day, 16? Doesn't matter. Do what you can, use what you want, ask for what you need, don't abuse the system and don't be a dick. There are no DPS tests, experience requirements, etc here.
* Morningstar is built on a Creed. Please make sure you have reviewed it. The #1 make or break you here is your integrity as a person, both in game and out, real life and game life, and nothing can save you from that.

*HOM guilds DO take cyber bullying, gold scamming, harrassment, thievery, guild bank robbery, abusive behavior, etc very seriously. Therefore, you are expected, when the House calls for it, and gamertags are caught with evidence, to back our collective and unified efforts to end said gamertag's actions. This is normally, a simple matter of a few minutes of your day notifying Bethesda, Zenimax, and Sony with reports / and or emails with evidence and offending tag reports. Allowing a crown scammer to move to ANOTHER GAMER while he remains blicked for you personally simply allows him to co continue his actions elsewhere, bit does not protect and serve gamers themselves, only the individual. Bystanding abuse is in itself, aiding the abuser. This always has been, and will remain, an aspect of the House, to take action against said toxicity, not simply allow it. This mentality of caring for the health, security, and quality of gaming comes with the territory here, whether the server agrees or not. It is something that it is only fair you understand up front. 



For Invite you may do any of the following:
1. PS4 message Dove_SMPDSM or Polarington on PS4 message.
2. Drop me your gamer tag via the website houseofmorningstar.gamerlaunch.com (our Forums are able to be used by the public for requests, and you do not have to register or be logged in to use them.)
3. Whisper in game on the NA server, or search House of Morningstar in the Guild Finder. (Currently hibernating, instead search HOM Transitus Tempus)
4. Drop by in the community page on PS4 (House of Morningstar ESO) (Retired by Playstation itself)
5. Discord link https://discord.gg/z4s9Qt3fgN
* We are always reachable, as you can see*


Ranks System: (Note members CHOOSE their Ranks here, as a direction system, not as a heirarchy, except Cos, Co is not an option. As such, choose wisely.)

Drifter: New members start here, until you choose a rank.

Citizen: Creed adherant, active player

Dungeoneer: PVE Content Officer 

General: PVP Content Officer

Mercant: Trading / Market Officer

GM and House Council: House Admin, this is a 'running the House rank, which means more than playing the game. 

Co-Creator: This is the guy who is responsible for everything House. Its his job to make sure that things stay the way they were intended to be here, and design, and enforce, how it operates. Co's are in charge, yes, but they are there FOR YOU. They serve, protect, aid, defend, and sacrifice for you, because they're Co's and they have a responsibility to you, and they take it seriously enough to vow before God to do it, literally. No, we won't rank you / give you / train you to be a Co. Too serious for you because its a game? Its better to have that standing for you than to be not given a crap about for anything other than video game gold and green heads on a screen.