You will not be assigned a rank in Morningstar, you choose them (aside from Co). You may have more than one rank), or request to drop or change your rank(s) at any time. Once you cross Citizen Rank, your duties are required of you if you are logged on, therefore, if you choose a Rank other than Citizen, understand that it is a job, not a power heirarchy or a title. You may move through ranks and swap them out, drop them, pick them up etc at your leisure to best suit where you want to be at any time. Make note of your rank requests for your Application.


Co Creator and Co Founder Generations

This desgination in the House is not chosen traditionally. Once Named as an Heir, a person may choose, on free will and consent, to take literal life-term Vows before God and to God, not guild members or men, in an Inheritance Covenant that is a life-term covenant entered into much like one enters into a real-life marriage vow. It is as serious as a marriage, and only out of game real life responsibilities supercede a Co's duty to H.O.M. These Vows are taken to serve the House and its people, in entirity. This means that when you see a Co Crown, they have chosen this role of service by choice. However, Co's are bound to the Creed, and may not break Creed in their service. They must earn, adhear to, and carry their Crowns, and a Co Crown is to serve first above rule, or their Crown is revoked, and considered abandoned. This is done to ensure integrity, with gravity. 

As such, "training for Co, make me Co, rank me into Co, how do I earn Co, etc" are all answered the same - you don't, it either happens or it doesn't. Co is a "who you are", not a rank you get, and pixels and labels do not mean we don't see the truth. 

Once a Co enters Covenant by taking their Vows, and Inherits their Crown and Throne, it is done, and they cannot be removed except by a CREED ADHERANT Co Trial, or a 51% CREED ADHERANT House Trial held publicly. 

CO TRIAL - Each member of the House, from Drifter to Co, is to be spoken to PRIVATELY and INDIVIDUALLY, BEFORE THE CO IN QUESTION IS ADDRESSED, to assemble the "testimony" of each member and give EVERYONE their voice. After this process is completed, the Co in question is then brought before all current and retired Cos, and the issue is deliberated until a unanimous decision is made by the non-offenders. 

HOUSE TRIAL - The issue will be discussed with again, all members of the House, each person given their full voice privately. A vote is called. Each tag on the roster submits a logged vote for removal or not either through PS4 message, text chat, or otherwise clearly visible and recorded method. House Majority rules. It IS possible for, for instance, 54 members to overrule 7 Co's in extenuating circumstances. Both the Co's responsibility FOR the whole, and the voice of the whole, must be taken into consideration, and what is best for the whole will be what is done. 

A Co's word is law, and they operate independently (they do NOT need the approval of any other Co, nor the members of the House, irregardless of Rank, to institute any form of change or disciplinary action), and aside from the above 2 forms of removal, CANNOT be over-ridden, moved, removed, set aside, or overcome in any capacity. As such, GM is NOT GM in the traditional Guild sense, they are the Right Hand of their Cos.

Co's are bound by Vow to serve the House. They may retire from Co, but remain with their full autority for life unless dishonourably removed. 

Guild Mistress and Guild Master - Morningstar GM's operate on two principles: "heavy is the head that wears the crown" and "you're only as strong as your weakest link." The former denotes that as a GM, every rank beneath you is also your rank along WITH GM, simultaneously, all the time and all at the same time. It means that it is all your job, all your fault, all your responsibility, all on your plate, period without excuse. "You're only as strong as your weakest link" means that it is not a guild member's responsibility to come into the Guild or game as a Morningstar standards GM qulity member and player. It is the GM's responsibility to ensure that they, and the Guild as a whole, brings them from a day 1 player INTO being a Morningstar standards GM quality member and player. Notice: ALL members CAN be promoted to Guild Master or Mistress, but this comes with a gravity, responsibility, and workload FEW are willing to put in. The expectations are high, and GM's are responsible TO every guildmember regardless of their ranks or expertise individually, and the guild as a whole, simultaneously, every way, every time, all the time, whether they are connected to the game or not. Even if a GM is, for example, in the waiting room at the doctor's office, they have PS4 message app on their phone and are still watching over the Guild through Discord and other such hook ins, and will still assist you if they are able to do so in an "out of game" capacity, such as explaining how RP works. They are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365, period, except when eating, sleeping, at a real life job, taking care of their kids, dealing with personal issues, etc. Watching TV, playing another game, these kinds of things DO NOT excuse them from their responsibilities as a Morningstar GM. This is a mini Co, the difference is they are not under life term Vows. 

Division Head -  A Guildmaster and Co Creator team of an H.O.M. Subguild. Same as Guild Master or Guild Mistress. Equally responsible as H.O.M. Main for upkeep and maintenance of an H.O.M. subguild. 

Upper Council - In Charge if Co's, Guild Masters and Guild Mistresses are not online.  Makes decisions in tandem with, Guild Masters and Mistresses. Take on delegated "grunt work" responsibilities to assist Guild Masters and Mistresses, and are working very hard to make Morningstar all that she can be. They are NOT required to be on call in the capacity that a GM is required to be.  

Lower Council - Part of the "Senate" of Morningstar, which is made up of Guild Masters and Mistresses, Upper and Lower Council, Generals and Merchants. They have less responsibility, but have earned by virtue major decision-making power. They are responsible for knowing and understanding each guild member and how they work and think. They are trained to answer questions about Guild related issues such as "how do I do my EODR" or "how much RP is a purple motif worth in RP" or "who do I contact for help with x". They are the "checks and balances" system to call your GM's on any BS that occurs, and check your GM's should they fall into operating against the House or outside of the best interests of the House. They are the "House Law" police, so to speak. 

Merchant - The Economic Pillar. Merchant duties include deciding what items that have been donated to the House are better off being sold for Guild Gold and which are better being left for RP purchase, brokering those items, and keeping Guild items and gold separate from their personal inventory. They are respoinsible for knowing and keeping abreast of the North America Server Market. Should an item that you're looking for NOT be found in our Morningstar Guild Bank, they will either contact a subguild to attempt to obtain it or attempt to obtain it through other Guild Stores for you. If the House does not have a Guild Trader, Merchants literally become your Guild Trader, recieving your items that you are trying to sell and brokering them in the server and then returning your gold to you. They replace the AI Guild Trader system. They are NOT permitted to charge you for this service, though they may work out a deal with you for a "labor fee". Whether or not you are willing to give the labor fee is up to YOU, and they may not deny you service based on this. Merchants recieve an RP salary from the House for their work, plus a 25% commission off the top of House inventory sold. 

General - This is not simply a PVP player. Generals are members who are typically IN Cyrodil all day every day. They are responsible for leading, planning, and teaching ALL PVP content in game, including Cyrodill and Battlegrounds, putting members into respective teams to run raids on specific locations, and running Cyrodil with you. They are responsible for provisioning the "military teams" with Alliance War supplies, and keeping everything moving smoothly, as well as being responsible for holding and defending claimed Alliance sites. They typically, though are not required to, have real life military experience, and they often bring this understanding into their battle plans. They are the Morningstar Warlords. 

Dungeoneer - Organizes and runs Dungeon Runs and ESO Runs (ESO Runs are things like World Boss Runs, Dolmen Runs, running zombies in Coldharbor, etc.) They assist members looking for dungeons in completing them and putting together raid teams. They teach mechanics as they are able. 

Citizen - Citizens have completed their Guild App and Training. They must remain active and hooked in to the website, Discord, Voice, text chat, etc. They must remain active and a participant of Guild events as well as active and social WITH other Guild members. They are not to simply be an "online on the game server guild roster placeholder." They do their best daily to be an active, integrated, House-oriented, social and valued member of the House. 

Drifter - You may be listed at Transient Rank for 1 of 3 reasons. The first is that you have not completed your Guild Application and Training Session and therefore do not yet understand or know the requirements, standards, or meaning of being a member of Morningstar. You are TECHNICALLY a Morningstar member, but in technicality only. You are NOT yet a TRUE PART of the House. You are simply in it.  Upon completion of your Guild App and Training Session, you will automatically be prommoted OUT of Transient into at lease Citizen rank. The second is that you are considered INACTIVE, and have therefore, are considered to have removed yourself from Morningstar voluntarily and left the House of your own accord, and are in imminent danger of being kicked. We may or may not follow up with you to find out why, and that is at our discretion. Inactives are removed after 30 days of inactivity, unless you notify a Council Member or Dove as to a VALID reason why (simply saying personal matter for personal crisis issues in real life, work schedule, things like that is acceptable, but not to be abused). Inactivity for reasons such as "I quit playing the game", "I'm in other games", etc will not be excused. The third reason to be listed at Transient is that you have "behaved in a manner unbecoming of, and against the Foundation of, the House, and are now under a Disciplinary Action and Probation. 


Stultorum - Short for Stultorum et skelestos, Latin for "fools and criminals". Congrats, you've made it to the lowest of the low! You are a special kind of stupid. There's a key out of this prison in the in game guild buttons, if you can find it....


Guild Roles - What You're Down To Do In The Guild and How You Play the Game. However, roles are options, not requirements. Roles section of the Application should contain all that apply to you. Its telling the House you MAY be willing to do x y z for or with them if asked. 


Soldier - Fights in PVP, but not a General. 


Dungeoneer - Willing to do PVE content, but not a Ranked Dungeoneer.

Tank (Morningstar Guardians) 

DPS (Archangels of Morningstar)

Healer (The Order)


Treasurer - Dontates gold or items to Guild bank.


Crafting Capabilities - 

(Put Master in front of any that are 50/50, all skill points spent, all research complete)


Blacksmith or Master Blacksmith- Contributes to Guild via Blacksmith skill.

Clothier or Master Clothier - Contributes to Guild via Clothier skill.

Alchemist or Master Alchemist- Contributes to Guild via Alchemy skill.

Provisioner or Master Provisioner - Contributes to Guild via Provisioning skill.

Woodworker or Master Woodworker- Contributes to Guild via Woodworking skill.

Enchanter or Master Enchanter - Contributes to Guild via Enchanting skill.

Jewler or Master Jewler - Contributes to Guild via Jewler skill


Master Crafter - All crafting above is 50/50, all research done, all skill points spent in all, has all but most tecent dlc or chapter motifs read. We are oldschool in this, so if all is true but the motifs part, your roles are Master Blacksmith, Master etc but NOT Master Crafter yet. 


Elder - Writes or does video guides (currently not implemented, Twitch) or other wiki-type content.


Soul Trapper - Provisions the House with Soul gems. We buy em, you fill em. 


Vamp bites

werewolf bites


craft psijic - have recipe read and the 4 pots for 1 mats set skill


interior decorator

furniture crafter




Build teacher


Thief / Scavenger



Other - Please explain.



For those who are Applying to Morningstar, make a note of these and copy them into your respective application Rank and Role boxes. 

Copy your Rank choice or choices to Rank section of Application.

Copy all Roles  apply titles that apply to you to Roles section of Application.

Ranks denote a service vow and requirement while ranked. Roles tell fellow guildmembers who is capable and willing to help with what. 

 Roles then get copied into the Roster here and into the database. Other members can then search interior decorator, for instance to get help with their houses, or fisherman for those who may want to get master angler and hang out, who can make them a vampire etc. Roles tell members who to ask about x y or z.