Dungeoneer Manual – Morningstar Master Trials Dungeoneer

(Sorry guys basic rough, this thing used to be a LOT more reader friendly fleshed out etc this is more the outline version of point convering.)






  1. Protochol

  2. Start at Fungal Grotto 1 Normal

  3. You need to be able to group it, protochol it correctly, lead it, teach it, mech it, while teaching Dungeoneer tricks and tips along the way such as hard stack and soft stack definitions and how they work. Within your dungeons you still need to be also teaching roles of tank, heals, dps. You should be able to teach the Dungeon itself, the protocol, and the roles while catching mistakes (calmly, as a leader, not from power, and with patience) all within your runs. This must be smooth, and all runs should be seamless, fun, teaching experiences, calm, without drama or elitism, while cohesively building relationship and community (brothers in arms).

  4. Handle interuptions, frustrations, curve balls, mistakes, drama, fights, toxicity, elitism, and slow learners PROPERLY.

  5. Move through all Normals FIRST

  6. When you feel you have one mastered, get a Dove test.

  7. If you have mastered it, you'll scartch it from list.

  8. Move through Vets

  9. Move through Vet Hard Modes

  10. Move through Trials

  11. Move through Vet Trials

  12. Move Through Vet Hard Mode Trials

  13. When you have completed your last Vet Hard Mode with the above code, conduct, streamline, efficiency, flow and environment, you will become a MMTD

  14. MMTDs will continue to Dungeoneer and bring any NON MMTD into MMTD.








Share all tips, tricks, things you notice, things you discover, things you're curious you want to test, things you discovered work x way with your team. ALL intel, either first or second hand, should be tested, and confirmed by all Dungeoneers.


ALL guild member requests take precedence, you take care of the specific requests of members, then move BACK to MMTD progression.


Know your limits. Know when you say sorry but I'll get you tomorrow. Better a damn good dungeoneer for the long haul than a bright firestar that burns out and implodes in a short while. You are not Supernovas, you're Titans.


Protochol may be updated if necessary by Dungeoneer request (I.E. when Lazarus taught Custom Colors, or when Tony taught swap to #s and % and had us start TEACHING this.)


WHEN you master your classes AND your MMTD, your characters will become The Order (Healers) Morningstar Guardians (Tanks) or Morningstar Archangels (DPS) or a combination of the three.


Toxic troll, elitist, etc getting in the way of you doing your job? CALL him on it, 1, CALL HIM ON IT, 2, KICK go sit in a corner bitch.






A few House quipps:


Make them funny, shocking, non-asshole, get their attention, get an emotional reaction, and stick with them and ASSOCIATE the words, feeling, shock, humor, shame, reality check all of it with the action. They'll learn.


Them - "Sorry my dps / heals / tanking is shit guys" or "Why is the tank not tanking dps so small etc!"

You - Every hooker knows every little bit helps...


Them - Guy keeps touching the boss before ready check

You - "Remember, if you cum too quick, it wasn't fun for her and she doesn't want to fuck with you again"


Them - Keep whiping?

You - "What you quit now? Lay down and take your ass woopin, that it? Hell no, you can't kill a Titan. We hit back here."


Them - "I can't do this, I'm not good enough to do this..."

You - "I didn't ask you how many times you can fall down, I asked you how many times can you get back up."


*As a Morningstar Dungeoneer, these are your creed, your way of life.






Dungeoneer Protochol:


Do 1-4 when you group your team but BEFORE you enter the Dungeon.

Enter the Dungeon, READY CHECK and run 5-11


Command HOLD before EACH AND EVERY BOSS. Hold means freeze. Mech, then READY CHECK. No one touches till ready check PASSES, not just initiates.

If someone has to use the bathroom etc whatever, DO NOT reinitiate without a PASSED ready check. Ready check should become a symbol and que for "head in the game".

This also gives your teams a chance to ask questions on anything unclear BEFORE they make a mess. No question is a stupid question, if you're gonna lead, LEAD, that means you lead from the bottom, EARN their respect by your actions and not your words, and you carry them on your back, not using them as a ladder for your ego. You are learders, not pixel crown warriors.


1. Dungeoneer hosting needs to group their team, then make sure each member is AT LEAST on listen in GROUP chat. Please do not teach our Dungeoneers to run their groups in Guild Chat.


2. Repair your gear, decon your inventory, dump your bags before entering the dungeon or trial.


3. Do not take quests until everyone is physically in the dungeon or trial.


4. Notify you will not tolerate drama, trolling or trash talking. You are here to do a job, not circle jerk egos.




5. Set Custom Colors, teach hard target, set #s and %. 


6. Explain rule of do not touch an enemy until the ready check is not just initiated, but also passed (upper right corner of the screen.) Every woman knows, if you cum too quick, she won't want to fuck with you again.


7. Trades of equipment and drops happen at the END of each dungeon.


8. All group members follow the crown.


9. Eat your food, pop your scroll or ambrosia, charge your weapons, enter dungeon.


10. Hard stack your trash mobs. Teach hard and soft stack.


11. Hold at each boss, explain mechanics, ready check, touch each boss. Rinse, repeat until clear.








No you're not...

Next contestant


When you run your groups that want to level, learn, train dungeoneer, etc, you run them till they quit, or you can't (at risk of code break, hearts not it it and they can smell that on you, too tired, etc)