All members are expected to behave in line with Morningstar's Creed. The largest determining factor of membership in Morningstar is Creed, and no friendship, rank, Co, GM, member, opinion, desire or argument of any individual trumps the Creed. Members may die to Creed, Creed cannot be killed by any individual, without partiality, nor may Creed be changed. Cos are bound by Vow at their Inheritance to uphold Creed, and Co Crowns do not give authority to change Creed in any way, Crowns are given as symbols of service to Creed, not rulership over it. Just as Co's CANNOT override Creed itself, no Rank or position beneat Co can be protected by a Co from Creed. Co's that protect a member, rank, or friend and sacrifice the Creed to do so inherently abandone their Co Crowns and break Covenant, resulting in both the "death" of the member and the Co. Violations will result in one of the following, depending upon the severity of the offense.


Co - Co Crown removed, Co Title stripped, Throne and Vow considered abandoned, reinstatement dependent on remaining Co House Trial done in public before the whole of the House. Both Co death and Co ressurection is dependent on majority Co Trial OR 51% House Majority publicly, NOT privately, before the whole, not the Officers, ruling. 


GM and Below -  

  1. Disciplinary Action (D.A.) - Member note updated with D.A. denoting Diciplinary Action and the nature of the offense, which means you're on blast for exactly WHY you're D.A.'d before everyone for the duration of your probate, Transient Rank demotion, freeze of the ability to earn RP or complete RP transactions and a probationary period assigned.
  2. Kick, ban and possible blacklisting depending on the severity of the offence. 

2. The Co's decisions are the final say, however, we are open to discussion. Co's are NOT required to go with majority House decision, as their job is NOT to please the members, but to serve the House itself, first. The Vows of Co Creator's inheritance is to serve Christ's plan for the House, not the members, under Covenant. To choose the individual mass above the design is inherently, to kill the House itself for the mass's pleasure. This is tantamount to treason. Co's are not bound to rule in Christ's place by Vow, hence "House of Christ", Co's do not OWN the House, not even Co's standing together united usurp Ownership, they are simply sworn to serve that Ownership. As such, no individual within the House may override the True Crown and Throne. 

3. Gold donations should be mailed in-game to Rewards Points Admin. Item donations should likewise be mailed the same. End of Day Reports are REQUIRED to be in game mailed for non-gold / item Rewards Points payment to RP accounts, period. No EODR, no Account credit. This is the responsibility of the individual member, it is not on the Council to follow you around with a low-jack tracker, it is YOUR responsibiity to log and submit your tracked activities to them. 

4. You need to have a mic to remain in the Guild, or at least be active in text chat. If you are not interacting and staying in communication, there is a problem. Active does not simply mean that your icon shows you are online next to your name in our Guild roster. Green Dots, as we call them (logged into the game programming but not integrated into the House itself) is still Inactive. A dead tag is a dead tag, irregardless of its server login. Playing solo is fine, at times, being strictly solo simply means there is no reason for you to be here other than self gratification, self benefit and dead weight that sacrifices the whole for the one. Useless tags simply translate to that tag being useless for continued presence. 

5. We will not continually run you through infomation over and over that can easily be found through the website. Remember, we need to be here for ALL of our members in all things, please understand that we cannot dedicate 100% of our attention all of the time to one person. Use the site and familiarize yourself with it's content, as everything Guild related will end up here first. You have been given a "handbook and House manual". Your use or failure to use said manual is on your head, not ours. 

6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are in Guild chat, TRY to be respectful of everyone. Attempting to not interupt others, not monopolizing the whole chat, power tripping, dick measuring, or generally making a nuisance of yourself are things that SHOULD be common courtesy to your other members. If 20 people are uncomfortable for the pleasure of the one, we will cut our losses for the least loss possible, irregardless of personal relationship. Friends are fine, and we do hope that all become friends, but again, relationships individually may not cause the united entity to lose value for the value of the individual.