Hook In

Community Page: House of Morningstar Gaming Community in the Playstation 4 communities. 


Discord: https://discord.gg/Su7jW6E or click the "connect" button below to direct link. (Invite Code Su7jW6E)


Facebook Public Group: Search for House of Morningstar Gaming Community - ESO or click direct link below to redirect.


Main Guild Chat: All Members 1 Voice in game.


House Spotify: See House Spotify Page


Morningstar Database: See About Rewards Points Page or ask Dove.




To get to a Guildhall, go to the Roster in game, click x on the gamertag, select Visit Primary Residence.


Guild Hall Gamertags on the Roster:

Theophannia - Morningstar Main Meeting Hall

Dove_SMPDSM - Crafting Hall

Xcarvanian - Morningstar Mara Chapel

Lightning-Illua - Morningstar General's Barracks

Merchant's Consortium being planned (Probably on Nika)

Dungeoneer's Hall being planned

Morningstar Arena Being planned





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