The Morningstar Gauntlet is an official House tradition built to test qualifying Guilds against Morningstar quality standards. Any Guild may request to run the Gauntlet, but be warned, completing it is no easy feat. 

To qualify to run the Gauntlet you must operate a Guild at 500 members for 6 months. Your members must be present and active within this time frame, or have a House valid reason of absence. Once you have completed the qualifier, you may enter the Gauntlet Official. 

Know that your Guild will be tested in quality and this is not a pleasant process. We will not proceed without full consent, and you have the House's assurance that no member will be sent to test your House unless fully vetted, well known in integrity, and consequences aware. You have Morningstar's full backing at this time to end any Morningstar members operation outside of Gauntlet Law, and retaliation for breaking Gauntlet law is swift and severe. Morningstar agrees to be liable for damages ensuing from the Gaunlet wherever possible if Gauntlet Law is broken. This is of course a serious matter and the integrity of the House is paramount at this time. However, a part of the Gauntlet IS to push your buttons and see what you do. No pressure is permanent with the Gauntlet, and all chaos will be restored to order by the House as soon as you have passed or failed each test. Your members therefore need to be aware of your Guilds Gauntlet throughout, as it can look messy.

Morningstar will send fully vetted members to your Guild, with false tags to ensure that you cannot find them in our roster, website, database, FB etc and cheat the Gauntlet by treating them differently than any other member of your Guild. 

You are informed that upon entry into the Gauntlet Official, anything can and will happen, and you will not know if it is House or not. We will not only intentionally test your quality but be watching everything that happens in your Guild. It takes one fail of quality to fail, and you will not understand what may fail you until after you have failed. Gauntlet tests range from benign to extreme, from quick, to lasting for a long game of months. They can be brutal. You will face one year of this trial, and should you survive, gain 1 million gold for your Guild, become a Gauntlet Champion Guild, and obtain a permanent alliance with Morningstar. 

To date since launch, hundreds of Guilds have asked about the Gauntlet, found out what it is, responded with "you crazy bitch" and blocked me. One Guild has asked about the Gauntlet, carefully considered, and decided they were not ready. 

One has failed before ever making it out of the Qualifier. 

None have won, 2 have fallen. 


Reach out and challenge the House.