House of Morningstar has a completely custom currency system, apart from in game gold, called Rewards Points (RP).

Reward Points are earned for almost all activities and guild contributions. They can then be spent in exchange for items from the Guild Bank and the Morningstar Vaults.

Think of RP as money; you earn money, and you can spend it.

Morningstar runs the Rewards Points system off of a custom built House app that is compatible with Android, Apple, IOS, PC etc. Look for the Airtable App in your App Store. Download, register, and send Dove_SMPDSM the email that you registered with. Your permissions will be set, and you will recieve a hyperlink in your email with a direct link to Morningstar Database. Once you click that link, you will now see Bases Shared With Me - House of Morningstar when you go back into your Airtable. Simply click House of Morningstar and you are now in Morningstar Database. 

The Database is manually updated in real time by a Database Admin, and tracks all incoming and outgoing Morningstar inventory across all of Morningstar's Banks and Vaults. 

Each item in the Database should have an RP value next to it, effectively the "price tag" of the item in Rewards Points. If you see an item that you wish to acquire with your Rewards Points, notify Lightning or Dove and one of us will mail it to you in game and adjust your RP account balance. 

If you are an out of House buyer, you may still access the database with a provided email hook in. However, House Currency applies to House, and therefore the item's price will be set by our Discord Bot average. 

You can download the Database Application on your Android, IOS, PC and other platforms. The application is called Airtable. You should see 3 boxes, red, yellow, and blue. 
Contact Dove with your email address that you registered with to be given access, then check your email and click the link provided to you. 
To move through inventory categories, hold and scroll left or right at the bottom of the screen (Android). Tap a tab to enter that categories database registry. 

Your RP balance is also tracked and checked via the Database in the Rewards Points Account page. Simply find your gamertag, and the number next to it. If you have submitted your EODR/ in-game mail to an RP Admin, your RP will be credited as soon as your submission is proccessed. 


In order to obtain your rewards points, you must send an in-game mail to a designated RP Admin. Currently, these gamertags are Dove_SMPDSM.

If donating gold or items of any kind to the House, attatch to in game mail and send. 

If you are doing an EODR, in the body of the mail, submit your assistance or activity. 



Example EODRs:

3 veteran dungeons, 1 normal dungeon with guildmemers = 3v 1n = Member gets 160 Rewards Points

gave x member 1 stack potions, crafted 3 gold pieces of gear, 4 blue pieces of gear = 100+3000 gold gear + 750 blue gear = 3850 Rewards Points

Recruit (name), ran skyshards 2 hrs with members =450 RP

Ran Cyrodill 3 hours with members 300 RP

Hosted lorebook run 1 hr with members 250 RP

Hosted wbr 2 hrs (world boss run) with members 500 RP



The idea here is that it is not a gold or in game item donation, however it is a log of how you were helpful with other members, how you helped them clear content or were active with your guild. 

Did you get people active? Did you go with members being active? Did you help someone complete something? Did you give something needed? It counts in your EODR! (Solo, or active with non-members do not count towards EODRs). 



Ways to Earn RP (RP earned)

These things should be listed in your end of day reports (EoDR) to earn RP:

  • New Recruit (Please put new member's gamertag in EODR) (250 per)
  • New Members Completing their Orientation and Officail Application (10,000 per)
  • Normal Dungeon with Guildmember(s) (10 per)
  • Veteran Dungeon with Guildmember(s) (50 per)
  • Trial with Guildmembers (1,000 per)
  • Crafting guildmember gear without charging them (Depends on # of pieces and color upgraded to)
  • Writing a completed game guide, including screenshots, for quests, achievements, skyshard locations by area, lorebooks by area, or other in-game relevant wiki-related material, or doing a video walkthrough, and submitting for integration into House wiki. (250 per) 
  • Claiming in Cyrodiil for Morningstar (50 RP upon claim, 50 per day held)
  • Creating, setting up, leading, grouping, and running content completion runs, ESO Overland Runs, custom Guild events, or other activities (examples of this would be skyshard hunts, lorebook hunts, world boss runs, dolmen grind, etc. These tend to run for extended periods of time, rather than the clear start and finish of dugeons and trials) (250 per hour deciding to do the event, getting groups formed, leading and running the group or 100 per hour if attended without hosting )
  • Skyreach Carries (1,000 per hour)
  • Attending Guild Meetings and providing your feedback and input (100 per)
  • Guild Rank Salary (1,000 per week)

Attatch the following items to the bottom of an in-game mail and send to Dove for RP: (Prices are determined by server price, rarity, difficulty to obtain, ease of access by players, and willingness to submit. PLEASE DO NOT DEPOSIT GOLD OR ITEMS INTO ANY MORNINGSTAR BANK OR VAULT. DATABASE ACCURACY AND INTEGRITY, AS WELL AS REWARDS POINTS CREDIT, DEPENDS ON IN GAME MAIL SYSTEM)


  • Bait (100 per stack)
  • Crafting Materials (100 per stack)
  • Crafting Materials (raw/unrefined) (500 per stack)
  • Cyrodiil Siege / Repair (10 per)
  • Dragon's Bile (100 per)
  • Dragon's Blood (100 per)
  • Fish (uncut) (10,000 per stack)
  • Food (100 per stack)
  • Food Ingredients (Brevez, Frost Miriam) (500 per)
  • Furniture (10 per)
  • Furniture Books (collectable) (500 per)
  • Furniture Material (500 per stack)
  • Glyph / Gear (Gold CP 160) (1000 per)
  • Glyphs (10 per)
  • Glyph (Hakeijo) (200 per)
  • Gold (100 per 1,000 gold)
  • Holiday Event items (depends on item)
  • Jewelry Plating (blue) (2,500 per)
  • Jewelry Plating (gold) (10,000 per)
  • Jewelry Plating (green) (1,000 per)
  • Jewelry Plating (purple) (5,000 per)
  • Jewelry Gold (10000 per)
  • Key Fragments (100 per 60)
  • Key Fragments (1,000 per 150)
  • Lockpicks (100 per stack)
  • Merchantable Trash (foul hides, etc.) (10 per stack, /100)
  • Motifs (blue: Breton, Nord, etc.) (10 per)
  • Motifs (gold: Imperial Book, etc.) (10,000 per)
  • Motifs (purple) (500 per)
  • Nirncrux (Fortified) (100 per)
  • Nirncrux (Potent) (1,000 per)
  • Perfect Roe (2,000 per)
  • Poisons (100 per stack) (stacks to 1000)
  • Potions (100 per stack) (Stacks to 100)
  • Psijic Ambrosia Potion (500 per)
  • Fragments (high value: ie glass frags, psijiic frags, etc.) (10,000 per)
  • Recipe (10 per)
  • Recipe (purple) (500 per)
  • Recipe High Value (10,000 per)
  • Repair Kits (10 per)
  • Runebox Full (10,000 per)
  • Runebox Piece (1,500 per)
  • Sealed Crafting Writs (1,000 per voucher)
  • Set Gear (up to purple) (10 per)
  • Soul Gems (100 per stack)
  • Style Material (normal) (10 per)
  • Style Material (rare: Malachite, Laurel, etc.) (100 per)
  • Tempers / Grains (blue) (100 per)
  • Tempers / Grains (gold) (1,000 per)
  • Tempers / Grains (green) (50 per)
  • Tempers / Grains (purple) (500 per)
  • Waterlogged Psijic Satchel (containing Arteum Pickled Fish Bowl) (10,000 per)
  • Waterlogged Psijic Satchel (containing Arteum Takeaway Broth) (10,000 per piece)
  • Dragon's Blood / Dragon's Bile (100 per piece)
  • Vile Coagulent (100 per piece)
  • Chaurus Egg (100 Per piece)
  • Crown Conversion (100 per Crown)

-For every $1.00 USD donated to the Guild Relief Fund, you will earn 100,000 RP.


sent/stack = ? x rate = rp

Crafted Gear Glyphs per piece

white 75

Green  125

Blue 250

Purple 500

Gold 1000





Rewards Points Calculator:

We now have a calculator in 'Google Sheets' to assist with updating and managing Rewards Points. This tool was created for those managing Guild RP values, but it's here as a reference to anyone that would like to check it out. You can use this on a phone with the 'Google Sheets App' if you don't have a computer nearby. Open the app, then click the link. NOTE: The quantity values can update from any user, in real time. If you want to use the calculator without anyone being able to change what you are doing, then you must download it as a local file. Click HERE to access the calculator.