The Morningstar Creed, The Foundation of the House and House Honor refers to a code of conduct. These are somewhat esoteric, abstract terms.

When behaving “in a manner unbecoming of the House” (Where else have you heard "a manner unbecoming..."? "Conduct unbecoming of an officer..."Let that sink in...) you are considered to be “operating against the Foundation of the House” and “outside of House Honor”. This behavior pattern is the primary concern within Morningstar, and the largest determining factor of whether a member is “fit for the House”. 

Most people, at first glance, associate the name from what they have seen on television. 70% of the time, the first thing people think is "House of Lucifier." Cute, narrow minded, first glance surface mistake that anyone would make, and understandable. However, irregardless, wrong answer, incorrect, try again. 

Morningstar is named for Revelations 22:16. No, we don't care if this pisses you off.

Morningstar is a double entendre' meant to make a point. 

dou·ble en·ten·dre
/ˌdo͞obl änˈtändrə,ˌdəbl änˈtändrə/
  1. a word or phrase open to two interpretations, one of which is usually risqué or indecent.
    "he was unable to get through two consecutive sentences without a smutty double entendre.


"When in Morningstar, treat each other as people say Christ would have treated people. However, we protect our own here. As we say, do as you will, but don't fuck with our own, because as the saying goes, don't go knocking on the devil's door."

Yes, I said treat people the way people say Jesus would have AND don't fuck with people all in the same sentance. 

Does this offend you? Does this concept piss you off? Are you instantly blinded by the mention of the name Christ and so now, that is all you can think about is how angry you are that we would even speak the word? Your lack of intelligence is showing. Look how quickly you fell into that trap right there in front of your face, and missed the MEANING and POINT of what we were saying by letting us distract you with the detail.

Notice that we curse, we say piss you off, and fuck, we joke, we have fun, we kick shit, we have a Drunken Spotify for God sakes. We don't like assholes. We have integrity. We can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. 

"We work in the Dark to serve the Light" - Assassins Creed

Are you a religious Christian shaking your head right now going cool cool a "christian gaming guild?"


If it were so, I would have told you.

We do not misspeak here. We never ONCE said we were a Christian gaming guild. 

It's not an oversight, not a flaw in the design, or something we missed. 

We aren't a Christian gaming guild, at all. It was intentional. We're Christian enough to serve our people selflessly, and care about them as people for real, and demand that you treat each other with respect, AND most of us are hard edged enough to, for example, hear a guy punch his wife over the mic and get in a car and curb stomp his ass into the emergency room even if we had to drive across 2 state lines to do it. We're THOSE people. 

You will find all walks of life here. Christian, Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Muslim, gay, straight, trans, white, black, yellow, purple, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, relaxed, hard core, real life housewife, real life bad ass not afraid to hop in a car and curb stomp a mother fucker to physically protect our own outside of game if neccessary (we're not fucking with you, it has been done, warning 1), rich, poor, middle class, C+ average high school grad, National Honor Socity Summa Cum laud, etc etc etc,  and any shape and shade in between. 

You have a right to your viewpoint.

So does the man next to you.

We are being completely transparent here. 

IN NO CAPACITY, EVER, FOR ANY REASON, may one person here treat the man next to him with less dignity, respect, freedom, choice, honor, and decency than any other.

"By the measure that you judge, you will be judged."

Should you feel that it is within your right an any time to treat a fellow guildmember with any form of disrespect other than playful banter, your Co Creators will give you a few options.

  • Warning
  • Disciplinary Action, where we publicly make a roster note of exactly what you have done, in what context, before the rest of the House, instant Drifter demotion, and probation.
  • Open Season - We may release the entire rest of the House to act towards ONLY you in the exact manner that you are behaving until such a time as you have tasted your own bullshit, realized your own bullshit and rectified your own bullshit.

The easiest way for you to remember House Honor is to think of Morningstar as being in "Christ's House", so to speak. It ties into the concept of the "light in the darkness", "the new day, or new era of how life is lived" and the "dawn after the night." Setting religion aside, most thinking, intelligent people can admit that the ideas of caring for a brother, treating mankind with care and respect, service, strength, honor, integrity, and the things that Christ supposedly stood for when considering his standards of human interaction, are a benefit to mankind, if one is not so arrogant and blinded by simple bandwagon sheep herd peer pressure pop culture  stay in the norm thinking. You may be any religion, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, etc and still be welcome here. You may not be "bad quality". How our members treat each other, how they interact, with honor, respect, integrity, morality, justice, service, unity, support, duty, commitment ect, is the core and soul of the House. 

Each member is here to server the whole, and each other, not the whole to server the one. You are expected to respect each other equally, leaders may not rule here. One member may not use 300 to serve themselves, whether that one is a member or a Co. If you can't handle this standard of membership, you don't belong here.Simultaneously, the whole is here to serve the one. It is a 2 way street. 

We take the health, safety, value, community connection, and support of our members, both in game and out of game, very seriously here. We are a close knit, community oriented, socially available, "this is meant to be family first and game community second" type of group. This is the largest determining factor for membership in Morningstar, and in order to protect our community, we recruit backwards. We are designed to keep OUT those who cannot understand what this community was meant to be. We are more exclusive than inclusive, to protect our own. Which means that even if you want to be here, it doesn't go hand in hand that you are considered worthy to be here, wanted here, or welcome here. We do not take dead weight or those unwilling to work with us to progress our future; we do not take those unfit for creed, we do not take those whom are not serious and we will not tolerate low calibre, lazy, self serving, toxic or ignorant of our purpose. There are standards, and not all meet them. Please don't take this personally, however, you do need to take it seriously. As you're about to find out...we do...




1. Real Life and Game Life Support

The PRIMARY focus of Morningstar, above all else, is support of our members, both in game and out of game. Members are expected at all times, and in all ways, to maintain the conscious understanding that though video games and internet settings tend to lull people into forgetting this basic truth, all members are, first and foremost, people on the other end of your screen and mic.

Morningstar, therefore, first and foremost offers support, both in game and out of game, real life and game life related. You may find that your Guild leaders have suddenly dropped from the game and are in all appearance nowhere to be found. These are often times when we are now singly focused with a Guild member through a difficult time. We have been the difference through situations such as divorce, custody battle, depression, anxiety, health issues, and a plethora of other circumstances and issues. We WILL NOT “throw the honor of the House” under any circumstances for member's comfort. This is non-negotiable. As such, you may possibly hear things over voice that make you uncomfortable at times. You are welcome to drop out of voice or request that these conversations be moved to a more private setting.

This does not mean that you have to come to us with these things when they arise in your life. However, should you choose to do so, we ask that you contact a member with the ranking of Lower Council or above. As a member of Morningstar, you are NOT necessarily expected to involve yourself in these issues, but you ARE expected to keep personal information about members in the strictest of confidence, respect other member's feelings and privacy, and not use personal information to mentally, emotionally or otherwise harm a fellow member. This is a non-negotiable, kick, ban,and blacklist offense (our blacklists are PUBLIC, so you are hereby warned that your gaming tag reputation is on the line).

House of Morningstar is built for more than playing a video game. The games we play are simply a location of Morningstar, not our defining factor. We play the game yes, and we are IN the game, but the game is not who we are or what we're about, it's just something on the side.

As such, Morningstar does have a real life PayPal attatched to a real life MasterCard for emergency relief of community members.

If you are only truly there for the video game aspect (game content completion) or access to the true core of the House for your own benefit and security but not interested in the security of your fellow members, you will not have access to the core of the House in respect to Morningstar's out of game support system.

Reasonable evidence must be proven, and decided case by case as a House, together. The House will decide what constitutes valid evidence and enough evidence together as a House, because the House paid for this service as a House, together. If any person who donated does not agree with the decision made, personally, their contribution will be returned in full, and only the remainder after all returns will be used. 

Morningstar PayPal Mastercard numbers, expiration dates and CVVs will NOT be given out to Morningstar Members. The only authorized person with these numbers is Dove. To complete a transaction, you must call 517-703-3971 and hand the phone to the business employee actually taking the transaction. 

PayPal is reviewed for accuracy to prevent fraud.

Video / Photo evidence is neccessary as evidence, . In the event of proof or responsibility of real danger, danger takes precedence at the discretion of the House. This is decided as a House, together, again, case by case.  

Funds in Morninstar PayPal will primarily be used for House and their family first, in respect to the fact that Members are the main contributors of this service. We will not turn our back on the House to serve the public at the expense of the House, thereby taking their service, loyalty, faith, and contribution for granted. This is non-negotiable. 

Real danger and real need is a MUST. Fear of potential need that is not current is not enough to release funds. We will not mismanage for fear and panic. 

Should you have need, address Council to decide if terms are met as best as able. 

New recruitment will be slowed, and carefully vetted, to prevent wolves, scavengers and those looking to take advantage of Morningstar's Core from infecting the House. 



2. Service over selfishness - You may not remain in Morningstar if you are the type to wander in, expect people to spend 16 hours a day leveling or grinding you, farming your gear, reaping from the Rewards Points System and do not put in the same level of dedication, service, assistance, teamwork, support, etc to your fellow guildmembers.




3. Honor, integrity, maturity, trust, responsibility, duty. performance, commitment, loyalty, personal growth, tenacity, work ethic, ...if you don't understand our drift, or you think you can blow us off on this, exit stage left...




4. Community - Each member is here to stand together with the whole, symbiotically and simultaneously, and no member should depend on an Admin, GM, their favorite gaming buddy or dungeon dweller, etc to do this. If you're here to sit in a corner with your one little friend, or have a community to be in but not give a shit about being a part of, we won't be a fit. No, you're not here to do "clique", you're here to do "true community".




5. A non-judgmental atmosphere - Your personal beliefs, when they cross a line into degrading another human being, can become a Code violation, even if you think you're right. You will not treat other human beings like they have less value as a person than you do because they do not share the same beliefs or lifestyle that you do. Period. By the measure that you judge others, you will be judged and found unfit...




6. Humility and tenacity (which also tie into duty and responsibility) - "To each man, in his own mind, he is the shit..." Well, there are a few other facts that you need to consider as well. You didn't get there on your own, you didn't get there without guidance and you didn't get there overnight. Don't expect others to. If you really are a badass, you should have developed the personal qualities of humility, tenacity, staying in the fight, not giving up like a punk, not blaming others but leading by example and strength, and helping those beside you grow. If teaching, leading, and building up your team or fellow guild member makes you feel smaller for doing it, then you probably didn't actually believe it about yourself in the first place if it could be threatened so easily. Therefore, we call bullshit...

     -     People don't have to convince others around them of who they are if they really are...they should see it in who you are and not what you tell them to believe... so who are you really trying to convince?

     -     A lion needs no introduction.....




7. Being primarily “House oriented”. If you want to be here, BE HERE. If you don't, you know where the door is...




With that being said, if you can't feel comfortable enough to kick shit with family, who can you? We say if you "can't kick shit, you can't keep up". If you have a thin skin or a stick up your ass, we won't be a fit. We say if we never kick shit with you, it means one of two things: 1: We don't know you, or 2: We don't like you. Neither of these is good for you. We are committed to being a fun atmosphere, and giving each other a hard time, a little banter, etc is welcome. However, there is a line, one that shouldn't have to be explained to you. Fun is ok, Creed violation is not.


If, after reading this, you cannot understand what we have hearby said to you, or you do not agree to abide by it, you are hearby not welcome in our House. Have a nice day, please locate your nearest exit and walk through it, and have a nice life. 

For the rest of you, Welcome to the House.