House Bounties apply if we put a KoS Tag in the Message of the Day, or here on this page. It means we have screenshot evidence of heavy toxicity, cheating, crown scamming, etc. If you can screenshot that you repored the gamertag, (hit screeshot button while in your report screen, then again when ESO gives you the confirmation message) and send to Dove's Ps4 Message, Dove will give you 1k Gold per screenshot set. If you get OTHER gamers to do the same, have them send me the screenshots of the confirmation and text me your gamertag for the Bounty to collect. We do not pay out of House members for House KoS. 

Confirmed Kills

1000 Gold per screenshot of kill. 

DeViLWrAiTH88 - Reason lost in time. 

FeaRoMe and Xplosiv3bullet - Kicked an entire Guild from in game roster, Discord and then deleted Discord in a fit of rage.


xXTheKid26Xx - Full of drama. 

Tkdoutcast42 - scamming people and guilds. 

X_xPonchox_X - Sent items to Morningstar Merchant expecting 80k when worth 30k. Accused Merchant of theft. When told by GMs and Council that it was worth 30k, after having been duly investigated, cleared House MOTD in a fit of rage and proceeded to troll members of House until kicked.

MvpEmpire - Toxic

Leosyng - Crown Scammer, Dove has the screenshot evidence

Darkblade0m3n - IF FOUND, KOS BOUNTY 50K PER HEAD. ALL BETS ARE OFF, EXTENDS TO ALL FORMS OF FUCKERY. Will not have same gamertag or IP.