NOTICE : This page is retired. Find HOM Transitus Tempus in Guild Finder, hit Apply there. Guild Orientations training etc is a retired thing. Just apply in game, NA server PS4 IF you still want a login here, so that you can recieve Morningstar Tropies etc, register for Gamerlaunch account, then come back to our Home page, click Apply, and use your GAMERTAG anywhere it talks about a name of any kind in your Application. 



The first thing that you need to understand about completing your application correctly is to NOT hit the Apply button until AFTER you have done all other steps listed here. Do NOT even register to Morningstar's website without running through these steps first.


Step 1: Read these pages, found in your Main Menu. 

This will give you the basic neccessary information for you to decide if Morningstar is the right community for you. Not everyone wants a community like Morningstar, and that is fine. We are helping you make an informed decision in this step. They should be reviewed in the order shown. 


  • Home Page section at the very top labeled Recruitment


  • About Us


  • The Morningstar Creed


  • House Law


  • About Rewards Points


  • Ranks and Roles. (Ranks are chosen in Morningstar, not assigned.

    Citizen is stating that you agree to the pages listed above Ranks and Roles, and that you are an active but casual player that is not looking for a duties required of you if you're online Officer's Rank. That is fine, as long as you abide by House Code and Law, stay active and social, and are a real, connected, social and connected member of Morningstar. Citizens may not join Morningstar and sit on the roster not playing with or responding to the rest of the community and become inactive "green dots" and still remain in Morningstar.

    You may choose more than one Rank, and some of them you will then start training into. Your in game ranks will be listed in your in game member note and your icon will be set to your highest roster rank. 

    Roles are different. These will be added to the database roster, and members can use this application to filter and search by dungeon role, who is a master crafter, who can make psijiics, who is even willing to do pvp content, now you don't have to wait to jump into playing and getting what you need and knowing who is who around here, the database will tell you. all of that, and tell members all of that about you. Much more efficient, see? Remember, Rank is serious business, roles are just how you play.


Step 2. 

Look at the example Application given, and use this Application Guide (you're reading it) like you would a school test that is open book and can use your notes. Remember that in school? Same thing. The application is your test paper. The piece of paper is your "notes". This page and the website itself is your "book". From here on out, consider the website both your "core base of operations to be used WITH the in game system, two halves of one whole" and your "Morningstar Handbook."


This is the first screen you will see

Morningstar Application Screen 1 you will see...

You can click this link here to blow that picture up

Screen 2...

Corrections to red instructions: Name, Faction, Race, Class is your MAIN CHARACTER info for raid pools, not ps4 tag and just mac character.

Morningstar Application Screen 2 you will see...

You can click the link here to blow 2 up...


Screen 3...

Copy Rank or Ranks from Ranks Page.

Copy all Roles titles if they are yes, I play that content / do this gameplay. Ranks = REQUIRED, Roles is, I like decorating houses and running dungeons. See the difference? If you don't put soldier, example, you're saying I dont pvp. 

App Screen 3

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Screen 4...

screen 4

Click here to blow up 4... 


If you've followed the above steps correctly, you should now have everything you need to fill out your application accurately.