House of Morningstar Gaming Community
Setting the Standard for Gaming Period
Infinate Unlimited Gaming
Established June 25, 2015

Welcome to Morningstar Gaming Community. Yes, yes... we really do mean it! 

If you're found this page, it's probably because you've crossed our path already, or someone you know knows us. This is the part where you get a much more in depth look at us than you've been provided so far, so grab a beer, buckle up, and remember, if you choose to join us on our adventures, this is a COMMUNITY effort, together. (It's important that you keep this in mind, because we're probably about to blow yours).

So first off, who are we? Morningstar is a uniquely "hard core" gaming community, in ways that, for many of you, aren't what you expect. You'll find that most of the time, Morningstar's way of thinking and defining things is vastly different than most people's. 

So lets DEFINE "hard core" according to Morningstar's standards. I am NOT TALKING about game content here. Game content is nice, and we'll grow into that naturally along the way, with the RIGHT people by our side. However, Morningstar defines QUALITY differently, and the quality that we provide is what is most important to us. 

Quality for us means more than our in game currencies, how many members we have, how many people or Divisions there are in the community, or how "awesome" we are in game content. For us, quality goes much deeper. The House was designed, and is intended to set a standard for both Guilds and gaming period, across all platforms, games, and gaming developers. Reaching further, it is our hope that this extends into each members gaming life and personal life as well. Morningstar is not something that you become a member of or are simply in, at its core. It's an idea, a vision, a standard and a lifestyle that you become.

Of course, yes, game content is included, along with progression, but we put in a lot of effort in to continually become, and set a standard for, one of the greatest gaming communities available for gaming period. As such, there are some things you need to know....

1. Our Creed

The first focus of Morningstar, and the main determining factor of whether or not a member is "fit for the House", lies in what we call House Honor and the Foundation of the House. As such, at this stage in the About Us, you need to go look at the Morningstar Creed Page and review that carefully. It is the single most importand and defining factor of who we are. 

2. Integration

The community is run from this website, whereas typically, you would expect a gaming community to be run from in the game, or from Discord or many other typical "gaming tools". Though these things are nice, and we do have them, Morningstar does not use these tools as the primary hub and central core of the House. This may take some adjustment on your part. We simply have too much going on and too many things in the works to accomplish and grow into to be handled by an in game system. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the site and other aspects of the House as you are able.


Communication is expected from you. You are expected to speak up about your ideas, needs, and expectations, no matter how great or small. MORE IMPORTANTLY, you are expected to speak up about the things that you DON'T agree with, and any issues and problems that you feel have arisen, either within the community as a whole or with another member of our community, IRREGARDLESS of their status, ranking, or Administrative position. This extends even unto our Co-Founders and Co-Creators, as they are held to a higher standard than normal here, and Morningstar works backwards in this aspect as well. Primarily, your community administrators, leaders, and Co-Creators answer to YOU, even more so than you answer to them as a member. It is strictly against House Law for an Administrator or Council Member to Disclose your identity unless given permission by you when it comes to sensitive or potentially "drama causing" feedback. This is put in place so that you may feel safe coming to us with issues or problems, without worry of backlash, judgment or retaliation. We have Discord, Voice Chat, a community page, a Facebook group, in game text chat and whisper, PS4 message application on our phones as Admin, a private message system and shout box here on the website, Forums for you to post in, a community chat room that registers with Facebook and a suggestion box. You are expected to use them. We have privided many avenues for you to stay connected. We want our members to be a part of this community, not just in it. Those who come into the House, and do not interact, are never in communication, do not ask for help, do not help their fellow community members, and are not contributing, active, interactive members of our community will be removed, as there is no longer any reason for you to remain here. 

4. Requirements

You are required to be 18+, with a mic to remain in Morningstar.

Again, communication is absolutely critical. If you don't have a mic, at the very least, you should be actively showing connectivity in some form and venue, and all members should be paying attention as best they can. Please note that Guild Masters, Upper and Lower Council, Merchants and Generals typically are extremely busy, so it may be best to PS4 MESSAGE them to get their attention, at which the WILL respond to you as soon as they are able.

There is a 60 day inactivity kick. Inactive members will be cycled out of the community for the whole communities sake, as a roster of 30 people that are basically "names on a list" does not give those active members their optimal shot at finding the right people to run with. We can, will and do take your personal situations into consideration, so you will not be removed for unfair reasons such as inability to play due to loss of PS Plus or work schedules, life's responsibilities etc. However, it is your responsibility to inform an Admin, GM or Councilman of these changes so that we don't consider you simply inactive and remove you.


We do not put limitations on Morningstar. She is not level exclusive, game exclusive, or console exclusive. She will become what the COMMUNITY makes her, within her established design. It is not up to your community leaders to accomplish this on their own, but to the community as a whole, together. Your community leaders are not responsible solely for the House's condition, as what we are working to do can only be done as a House, together. You have a value in Morningstar, unique and distinct, and it is our hope that we, and you, come to realize that value. As such, the absence or presence of Admin SHOULD NOT EVER MEAN the absense of Morningstar, as we are not Morningstar, YOU are, together. We've found that many times, our community can tend to look at the absense of a GM as the "death of the House." This is not how Morningstar is designed to work, because our community is not defined or dependant on any one member, regardless of their position.

6. Standards

We are not a relaxed player or casual play community, though some of our members may consider themselves to be a casual gamer. You should be aware of this from the beginning. Members are expected to remain active, social, and House oriented, no matter their play time or Division location. We're here to build the community that "does it all" literally all day every day with ACTIVE, SOCIAL members in a structured environment.

We want to go further with our community, combining the real life values of House Honor with support of our players as people first and gamers second, both in game and out of game. This means that we are here to support you, whether it be game content or real life related. Next, we inter-weave community-orienentated people committed to making all of Morningstar all that she can be, with game content and mastery in its entirity. We want to be able to say "if it's in the game, we do it, and we do it better" at all times. 

As you can see, we will push you to a higher level, and hold you to a higher expecation. As such, irregardless of your AMOUNT of time connected, you ARE expected to remain involved, helpful, aware, and active. Morningstar has a 30 day inactivity kick, excluding reasonable circumstances. Should you find yourself unable to remain active, you need to contact a Council member to avoid termination of your membership. 

The Other Stuff

House of Morningstar has a separate currency system from the in game gold called the Rewards Points System, by which benefiting from the Guild is based on a participation basis, vs. a random lotto or free-for-all way of doing things. This system is aimed both at encouraging a more interactive and active Guild experience for all members, and rewarding all members for their support and activity.

Our Guild's higher ranks are not based on personal bias, but on Guild Roles, whereby members who take on more responsibilities in the administration of the Guild are higher up in "rank" than your average members. This is not determined by activity, but responsibility. For instance, a Merchant is not designated Merchant because he is active and uses a Guild Trader, he is desiginated as Merchant because it is his responsibility to recieve dontated items to the Guild, keep the Guild Bank page up to date, report RP transactions to the website Admin, determine which items in the Guild Bank would be of more use being sold and broker those items, and other such "economics" related tasks. As such, any Rank in Morningstar other than Citizen is a SERVICE POSITION, not a POWER POSITION, and is considered a vow to the House and required. Keep this in mind when choosing your rank. You may request a rank change at any time you wish.

Unlike most Guilds across almost all gaming platforms, members of House of Morningstar can be promoted up to Guild Master, having all of the equal say, responsibillity and standing a Guildmaster typically has. However, this is not creating a personal Guild, but administrating Morningstar as she is designed to run. Please be advised, GM's are still restricted by Co Creators. 

All Guild Members may take part in discussion of any aspect of the Guild via the forums, and submit suggestions. This member feedback is not taken lightly at Morningstar, and we are not here to provide a dictatorship, though some core features of the Guild will not be negotiable of course, and Co Creator's, Guildmasters and Upper Council Members make these decisions on a collaborative basis for the most part. Upper Council decisions will be talked about with the rest of the Guild here if it was discussed in game chat vs the forums.

All level players and all experience levels are welcome to join H.O.M., though we are looking for active, community oriented, and social members. Anyone may invite others to the community. However, please keep who we are in mind as you recruit. 

If you are hosting a Morningstar Division or Sub-Guild (H.O.M.) Tag, please let me know so we can put you on our Divisions List. Again, this is NOT creating your own community, but duplicating and running an H.O.M. Division. This means that Divisions must adhere to Morningstar's standards, laws, rules, and operations to the best of ability.

For more detailed information on the more intricate details of how guild mechanics work, such as being a Merchant or Upper Council member or Citizen and how that works, and on guild features such as Rewards Points, Lottery, Dungeoneering, and basically anything else you want or need to know, please browse the site and visit our How Shit Works Forum, as there is probably either a page on that aspect in the site, or a forum post about it. However, some of this content is still under development, so if there is something missing, don't hesitate to ask.

Still here? Still interested?

You may apply on the Home Page, near the bottom, and submit an appliation. Please be sure to review The Morningstar Creed, House Law, and How to Apply first. IF your Application is accepted, please review Account and Profile Setup and Features Use, and Hook in and Get Connected pages.