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re: Programming Bug? - Officer Notice


NOTICE to House Officers: Logged on tonight, and the history showed TheMorningStar-Z left the guild. I followed up with him to find out what happened, was he being ignired, was the activity too low, were his expectations unmet, was he not getting the help needed, did drama occur, were House standards violated towards him from an Officer or another member, or was he removed illegally by an Officer? He said he didn't know what happened, he was in H.O.M. logged off for the night, came back on the next day and had "gotten the boot" and got kicked a d no one told him why and he didn't know what he had done but he liked it here and thanked me for the help we gave and said he appreciated our assistance. 


Knowing the guy, and knowing that I have been on and interacted and seen him active and i twra ti e and performing to par, I knew it couldn't have been a legal IA kick from a  Officer. Knowing that rhis Gen's Officers are largely green and untrained, I assumed it was either a.) an unlikely Creed violation or b.) the error of the Officer that kicked him. 


Went to look again at the history, becaise it still wasn't registering with ME evwn that the game programming does show X member LEFT and X KICKED X member separately,, I was originally looking for the gamertag of the erring Officer to check them. Realizing that there is a difference between kicked and left, I realized there was no erring Officer. 


I attempted to re-invite him, and it popped up with "This person has 5 guilds and cannot join another guild without leaving one first" message. I asked if he had mistakenly left ours to join the new one, and stated that it was fine id he had left because they were a better fit. He says that this is not the case, he logged on and was off the roster,  and believing he was kicked, simply picked up another. 


He's a new player, so he could have accidentally left without realizing, but at the same time if he logged off on the roster, slept, amd loaded back on off the roster, he didn't accidentally leave in his sleep, which points to a programming error. 


Following up with F-U-N, she didn't notice that anyone had left. He had "left" 3 days before I noticed. 


1.) Officers, please be aware of comings and goings, and be "awake at your desk" so to speak. This is understandable and simply advised, not a check. 


2.) This, if it is a programming bug, is not a gamer tag we can kick for abuse of power etc. Its a "silent cobra slipping in through the crack in the attic and killing the children in their cribs" situation. Mist Officers and GMs wouldn't notice the crack in the attic window, or the cobra. The member believes they were just dumped, says nothing, feels slightly left behind, misused, and unfairly abandoned and slighted, but oh well, its typical of guilds, they're like everyone else, they don't care, etc. The Officer believes the member left, feeling they chose another guild over us as a better fit or didn't want to be here, which is not the case at all. Now, both parties are hurt in reputation, relationship, and duty, the House itself and the members, over the silent cobra's bullshit, a d all the while the cobra continues its slow and silent chewing and killing and damaging. It is a programming error, we can't kick a programming error. We can't block it, we can be aware of it, watch the window crack, follow up whenever our doors open or close, gently, patiently, and diligently heal and administer anti-venom and return the children home. 


Mind your surroundings, alert and watchful, and keep your heads on a swivel for the cobra. Until Zenimax chops its head off, it is YOUR duty as officers to Guard and Protect the House, not the kid's duty to cry to you of snake bites for you to find out. 


Follow up, always, and remember, the deadliest poison is the one that slips in silently and remains unknown to the victim.


Remind your other Officers , direct them here, and keep your heads on a swivel for the program bug, it is better to do the job and find out its simply a misunderstanding or preference change than it is to be the sleeping fool as the House quetly burns.  


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