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re: House of Morningstar Covid Code Project Meeting 3/23/20

House of Morningstar is built for more than playing a video game. If you are only truly there for the video game aspect or access to the true core of the House for your own benefit and security and not that of the whole House, you will not have access to the core of the House in respect to Morningstar's Member Contributed real life money support system.

Reasonable evidence must be proven, and decided case by case as a House, together. The House will decide what constitutes valid evidence and enough evidence together as a House, because the House paid for this service as a House. If any person who donated does not agree with the decision made, personally, their contribution will be returned in full, and only the remainder after all returns will be used.

Morningstar PayPal Mastercard numbers, expiration dates and cvvs will NOT be given out to Morningstar Members. The only authorized person with these numbers is Dove. To complete a transaction, you must call 517 703 3971 and hand the phone to the business employee actually taking the transaction.

PayPal needs to be checked daily for email accuracy to prevent fraud. The only email in the PayPal should be

Video / Photo evidence is neccessary as evidence, except in cases where life threatening situations cannot be literally proven. In the event of proof or responsibility of real danger, danger takes precedence. This is decided as a House, together, again, case by case.

We are pushing and expressing certain safety precautions at this time. Please minimalize contact with the public, to ensure both your own safety, which we are concerned for, and the safety of your family. In addition to this, we do not wish members of the House to be responsible for another human being's harm. Disregarding this standard is considered disregarding Morningstar's Foundation and Code to her core.

Funds in Morninstar PayPal will primarily be used for House and their family first, in respect to the fact that Members are the contributors of this service. We will not turn our back on the House to serve the public at the expense of the House, thereby taking their service, loyalty, faith, and contribution for granted. This is non-negotiable.

Layoffs, real danger, and REAL need is a MUST. Fear of potential need that is not current is not enough to release funds. We will not mismanage for fear and panic.

Should you have need, address Council to decide if terms are met as best as able.

If you are above Citizen Rank in Morningstar, 2 week CCP meetings are now MANDATORY except in the event of House VALID reasons that would apply to a GM or inactivity kick. Citizen ranks and Transient ranks are optional, but Citizens will eventually be cycled out if they are only here for gameplay, as this is not why Morningstar was built in the first place.

New recruitment will be slowed, and carefully vetted, to prevent wolves, scavengers and those looking to take advantage of Morningstar's Core from infecting the House.

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